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The Turkana’s Rich Culture

In the modern world, one thing that most countries can agree on is that it is hard to find a well preserved culture. Most tribes have intermarried so much that they cannot fully trace who they originally were. Some have even allowed modernization to consume them, with...

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What’s in an Arrowroot?

Arrowroots are a common feature for folks living in the rural areas.They are either part of the breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the urban areas, it is a highly priced commodity both due to its high nutritional value and also its scarcity. How much do we really know...

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How Much is too Much Food?

Are there times you feel like you are eating too much? This could be from how you feel after eating and you feel too full. What about when you do not feel full, does that mean you have not eaten enough? As we attempt to address this question - How much is too much...

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Know Your Nutrients: Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most essential Vitamins required by our body. Vitamin A is essential for numerous functions and processes in the body. Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant. It is a compound that is comprised of a broad group of unsaturated nutritional compound....

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Mbirimbi – The Healthy Exciting Option

Much has been said and there has been a big ongoing debate about condiments, sauces, flavours and enhanced seasoning agents added to food to enhance taste. We all love to have that additional zing to our food by adding tomato and chilli sauces, soy sauce, pepper...

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